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Artist Bio

Jill Lawrence is best known, not only, for her many-juried award winning pottery, (1985-2010), but also, for her emotionally provocative abstract paintings, (2010-present). She creates her art with a mixed media of cold wax and oil, or acrylics or oil. 

In order to help her hone and refine her painting techniques, she has taken painting workshops with Karen Weihs, Cindy Walton, Mark Henry, Rebecca Crowell and Rebecca King, among others throughout the country.

A colorist at heart, when Jill Lawrence picks up her brush to paint, the finished imagery on her canvas is always a surprise. Her hand, her heart, her innate belief system as well as her love of color and texture guide her to the end of each piece that she has created. 

As a breast cancer survivor and advocate since 1992, Jill Lawrence understands the uncertainty of life. Yet, she is also influenced by her belief in being present in the moment and making the best of that moment, without knowing what is going to happen next. And because she has learned not frightened by this ambiguity, she is not afraid to let her abstract paintings take her to the end game. The reward of this extraordinary fearless mindset is that the mystery of her abstract paintings will take you, the observer, down the path to experience and explore your own imagination as you conjure up your own interpretation of Jill Lawrence’s world.